Weight Loss Breakfast

New year new you right!? Excellent that’s the kind of thinking I can get behind and to help you along the way I have compiled 5 of the best weight loss foods to start off your day . These weight loss breakfast foods and their properties excel at destroying fat. What’s better is that rigorous exercise is not needed to start seeing results but exercise does help to speed up the process and see results fast, also helps your health overall. All you need to do is consume more of these types of foods and shy away from foods that don’t help with your weight loss goals. These foods either boost metabolism, help you feel full for longer or just plain turn off the fat genes. Some of these belly fat burners will surprise you but this list is backed by science. Lets jump into our list of foods that help you lose weight.


“Breakfast is the most important meal of the day.” Or at least that’s what they always say. With eggs you can make breakfast the ignitor to your weight loss fuse. They are not super expensive which makes it one of the best sources for choline, a fat shredding property that helps block the cells that store fat. Also a major source of protein. Eggs help to make you feel full longer so you consume less calories overall in a day. With a variety of different ways to prepare they will forever be a staple in any weight loss plan.


Not everyone eats eggs so I should mention another great food for our weight loss breakfast and that is oats. But wait aren’t those loaded with carbs? Correct but if would like to consume less calories a day than consume whole grain carbs. These have more of a “slow burn” property and help to keep you full longer. They go amazing with almost any fruit in a smoothie. Awesome Smoothies Here!

Greek Yogurt

This tastes more like a treat then a weight loss food. Weather you incorporate this into your weight loss breakfast or just a light snack on the go. Full fat Greek yogurt has CLA (conjugated linoleic acid) which promote fat burning. It has probiotics for supporting the bacteria in your gut. We wont even mention the protein, vitamin D, or calcium that it is rich in. Bottom line this can be a game changer in your weight loss journey.


These can be used to curb that sweet tooth we all get. That craving that hits us out of no where for something sweet. Eating a berry may just give you what you are looking for. Not only are they kind of sweet but they also have polyphenol antioxidants, which will burn fat and there a ton of smoothie recipes to incorporate there into. Here are some Great Smoothies that will also excel at burning fat and boosting metabolism.

Lemon Water

Ahh so you don’t enjoy Smoothies or short on time in the mornings. No worries there is still an old trick for you that has been proven many times over. Water is another one of those things that help you feel full. The more you drink the more full you feel and it has all of zero calories. Helping you to cut down your calorie intake at the start of the day. Cutting back on calories doesn’t boost your metabolism though which can be vital first thing in the morning getting ready to tackle another day. That’s where the lemon comes in. More specifically the lemon peel. The peel has a nutrient in it called D-limonene, this nutrient can help boost your metabolism.

There where a few other notable mentions that I did not include in this weight loss breakfast list that may appear on later posts. But I wanted to keep this list simple with easy to access foods that don’t require a lot of time or culinary skills to prepare. After all a weight loss breakfast doesn’t have to be some complex expensive journey. It should show the results of your efforts though. Eating these foods paired with light exercise can have have a huge effect on the outcome. Stay focused and good luck we believe in you.

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