More details about me.

Hey I hope all is well. If you clicked here than it seems you wanna know a little bit more about me. As I already stated my name is Rodney I have an amazing wife and two beautiful little boys. I am currently in tech school and work as a warehouse associate. I am starting this blog for two reasons mainly. First and foremost to connect with people about specific topics and products that are reliable at a good price in such topic. I know the value of having peace of mind as a father. I aim to help save on time by doing the research on certain products for you so you just potentially read a blog to get the in-out details of a product fast. Secondly aim to help people with certain struggles regarding all around wellness. I believe it is our duty as humans not only to take care of ourselves but others as well as the environments we inhabit. With that being said I look forward to our future blog conversations. Stay positive and remember a little from your end could go a LONG way on someone eles end.

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